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CanvaIsland is a free world of the future with many islands. Where each island will have its own ecosystem, rules, functionality, mechanics.

Individuals will be able to find something to their liking: create, show existing creativity, seek inspiration or like-minded people, get acquainted with developing communities, immerse themselves in game mechanics. Or just spend time in a pleasant environment. Communities will be able to make an island for their project, implement their ideas on it, create an individual appearance for the characters in order to highlight their community and hold various events.

In this way, we want to give everyone the opportunity to show their individuality and at the same time to unite or create communities. We will try to satisfy such desires as:

  • Earnings
  • Entertainment
  • Self-expression
  • Socialization
  • Increase interaction with your community

The first island is 256 unique sectors of the land in the form of NFTs in the Ethereum network.This island has an investment sense to create a base and develop the project. After acquiring a land sector, the owners will receive gradually different bonuses and privileges, which you can find out about in our documentation. It will be followed by a second island with the possibility of construction. And then the owners of avatars and lands will vote for further functionality

Hope you enjoy the story of our universe <3



Expansion of the first island to 256 sectors. Creation of a stable base for the islands and basic camera control functionality.


Implementation of a personal account and social functions.


Creation of the next island with the function of erecting your own buildings.


Character avatars


Withdrawing tokens, and encouraging the owners of the first island.


Further expansion of the meta universe with new, unique islands with new functionality.