On April 6, 2021, we uploaded the NFT for the first time, it was 64 sectors in the form of 3D models that simply gave the name of the owner to display on the site. Less than 12 hours later, the first owners of the land appeared.


Initially, the project was planned as a view of an ever-growing island, where something new appears every day. And so it was, every day, a new event. This lasted 143+ days after which we created a commune of owners that managed the further development of the island


A smooth extension of the island began from 64 to the planned 256 sectors. And in place with this and the extension of functionality. Displaying changes by day, highlighting the selected sector, extended information


As the community grows, and accordingly faith and means. We jointly decided to start developing a full-fledged metaverse and presented a video prototype on Unity about our view on the project. A skilled developer has joined our team


A base plan has been developed to further increase the functionality. Testing of the network mode has begun already on our own developments


The island has fully expanded to 256 sectors.

  • 142 days of continuous work
  • 110+ lands SOLD
  • 350+ followers
  • 45+ owners
  • 17/09/21

    A portal has opened on the island from which a collection of 10,000 pfp avatars from our metaverse has appeared, which are now fully used for your game profiles and provide pleasant benefits


    The first active gaming event was held to search for treasures on the island
    In addition, constant activities in the form of drawings
    Creative contests for the community


    A lot of work has been done on the game engine, improved graphics, world physics, construction, inventory with your NFTs have been added, and even after we stopped arranging daily events, we did not quit daily work on the project. Development is going on daily, and you can always contact us and get an answer


    With the addition of a concept artist, our world began to play with new colors, the boundaries began to expand, the quality improved


    There is a new, extended version of whitepaper Where we painted and sorted out the main elements of our metaverse. They also marked the appearance of the second level of the world, with full-fledged RPG mechanics


    We released a promo video about the available functionality and plans. But even it does not reflect everything, we are constantly developing and therefore, in order to be aware of updates, follow us on social networks. We still have a lot of work ahead of us, and even greater accomplishments. Our immediate plan is to enable people to mine the earth and form their own islands, and to organize the opportunity to create cool things and trade them.


    Results of the year:

  • 223/256 SOLD
  • 1100+ followers
  • 99 owners
  • Year of work done
  • Own development and flexibility
  • Awesome, kind community
  • Continuous development
  • Passed the test of time
  • Thus, we were able to prove that the project is ready to develop in any conditions. And even show better results than sold out projects with millions of dollars. We have clear goals and we are moving towards them, creating an ever better product.