CanvaIsland is a indie project that develops every day! We represent our universe as a free world. Where each island will have its own ecosystem, rules, functionality. Users will not be limited to moving around the islands. The mechanics of individual islands will help us keep the system stable, make each island unique, to the point that they can be in different blockchains, but they will be in the same meta universe. And after the islands come out from the side of our project, they will bring new features and functionality to our universe.

Later, this functionality (but not all) will be provided to the community to create their own islands. In this way, individuals will be able to create and express themselves on our islands. And third-party projects, in turn, will be able to create islands for their community.



In the universe of CanvaIsland, a portal has opened, similar to the one from which a dinosaur climbed out. Only, apparently, it is from the 2D world and various objects flew out of it, which began to stick to the locals and thereby imprinting them in a frame. And you can get them in the form of NFT ERC-721 on the Ethereum blockchain. The portal hid the appearance of the inhabitants, and they open only after the portal is closed, you need to get them all.

Entering the Metaverse Community

Each of you will help the development of the metaverse and become a part of it.

Constant use in the project

Have your avatar that sets you apart.

Events and exhibitions

Participate, express yourself and receive grants and partnerships with us.

Limited edition

We do not limit the freedom to choose an avatar, but we do limit the number of avatars from our project.

0,05 ETH


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